I am moving house this week. I found myself a nice “shared” apartment in the Zeeheldenkwartier, a nice part of the Hague. I have my own kitchen and bathroom but we share a common entrance and the hallway on my level. The main room is 30m² and the kitchen and bathroom are of a reasonable size. It’s about half the cost of my current place. It will take me a little longer to get to work and home again, but I will actually have shopping centers that are open late.

In other news, the Aussie guy I had sharing the excessive costs of my current apartment, did a runner without paying almost €600 in rent and phone costs. Just in case you ever have any financial dealings with him, his name is Rohan Anderson, he’s from Sydney, his birthdate is the 7th of September, 1976 (7/9/1976), he does skateboarding, snowboarding, and other winter sports.

Here are some pictures of him and his girlfriend, Inga Hendrix of Germany. She’s also responsible for a small part of the debt, having been there for 2 of the 6 weeks of unpaid rent:

He seems like a nice guy and somebody you’d call a mate. I did. He didn’t steal anything (except one key which he hasn’t returned yet), but it appears that he’s a coward, unable to face life’s responsibilities. If he ever pays his debt, I will update or remove this page. His facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/people/Rohan_Anderson/841300611. Rohan Anderson

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